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The bathroom for everyone

The bathroom for everyone

Works its magic everywhere

Smart Track & Cover

At the heart of our flexible system lays the Smart Track: it is an aluminium profile that allows to attach a wide range of accessories and to move them freely. It enables the bathroom environment to adapt to people’s need.

Toilet Area

The ergonomically shaped arm support provides a sense of safety and extreme comfort. It facilitates transfers from and to wheelchairs and they can be removed or folded away when not in use.

Shower Area

Profilo Smart shower seat can be configured and adjusted to meet the requirements of each individual user. Elegantly designed and made of soft, non-slip anti-bacterial materials, the shower seat offers high quality and great sitting comfort.

Wash basin Area

Profilo Smart wash basin adjustment systems are elegant, functional and compact. They allow to attach any type of bolt-mounted sink and to adjust their height easily thanks to 3 different systems: manual, zero-gravity and electrical.